After moving up to the Capital region I have decided to merge the two loves of my life: photography and animals. Nothing will make me happier than spending the days creating beautiful images of your four legged family member.

I have been shooting photographs for over 40 years. Yikes! Switching from film to digital presented new challenges along with the freedom to shoot hundreds of additional images.

Joining a camera club and participating in competition was invaluable in learning the subtleties of post production. Careful editing enhances each image and shows off the subject.

 One of my earliest memories is dropping a coin down a wishing well and wishing for a cat. When my mother and I got home I was delighted (but so young I wasn't surprised) to find my sister on the front porch with a beautiful white cat. My mother wasn't as delighted but to her credit she put up with all the strays we brought home.

Left to my own devices there's a real possibility of my turning into the crazy cat lady. I've tried to keep the feline population in my home to just three by volunteering at a cat shelter. That's proven to be terrific but possibly dangerous to keeping the population at three.

I'm also the person who speaks to your dog whenever they're out for a walk. I will eventually acknowledge you standing on the other end of the leash but I have to admit I will probably remember the pup's name but possibly not yours. My favorite breed would be the one I'm with at the moment. This has led to a great volunteer opportunity at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. Nothing is better than hearing the dog I've fallen in love with has found a furever home.

In addition to portraits and candid shots of your pets I've shot both horse and dog competitions. Gymkhanas, frisbee dogs and rodeos are all great for getting shots showing off the skills of both you and your pet.

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