The artwork in your home decorates your living space, defining who you are and what you love. Custom and candid portraits of your family members enhance your home. Our pets are our four legged furry family members. Nothing can compare to the bond you have with your pet and it's my goal to give you a lasting capture of this precious connection. The images reflect how well loved your pets are in a natural, fun, distinctive way. Their unique personalities and heart shine through, making memories that just beg to be displayed in a modern twist on traditional fine art.

    My mission is to capture your pet's personality, showing what makes them your best friend. My photography is done where your pet is relaxed and content; engaging in activities they love. Whether that happens in their house, their backyard, a dog park or their favorite outdoor space we want your pet to be happy and comfortable. When that happens their personalities will shine in their portraits and those memories will be crafted into tangible artwork, showing off what you hold in your heart.

    If you would like more information about having a portrait of your furry family member please call 518-390-3501.

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